A New Pipe Organ

"Pipe Dreams"

There is evidence to suggest that an organ has been the voice of Pershore Abbey for centuries – a place that has been a centre for Christian Worship for over 1300 years - sitting at the heart of its town providing a place of worship which concentrates on the life and needs of the community.

As a Major Church, we want to share the life of this former Benedictine Abbey with those who want to come and worship and mark life’s important events, with those who love history, and with those who want to enjoy good music and performance. Importantly, we want to emphasise that all the Abbey’s work within the community is underpinned by the knowledge of God’s love for everyone.

What has always been recognised is that among all the instruments which are suitable for church worship, the organ takes pride of place as it has the capacity to sustain the singing of large gatherings by both its size and its ability to give resonance to the fullness of human emotions, from joy to sadness, from praise to lamentation.

For well over twenty years the Abbey has been in need of a new organ and has had to rely on temporary solutions to make things work, unfortunately even these are now failing.  We cannot continue.  

No church deserves an organ more. The Abbey, its Bishop, its Priest-in-Charge, its staff and volunteers are dedicated to the work.  The Abbey sees a bright opportunity for itself - by building a sustainable future for the town, the region and the Abbey.  Securing a 3-manual pipe organ built by the world renowned Fratelli Ruffatti is the precursor to the Abbey’s exciting development plans to restore, renovate and reinvigorate both the buildings and parkland and begin new initiatives with the community.

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