Adopt A Pipe

Help make our dream a reality by adopting one of this magnificent instrument’s impressive pipes. Becoming aPiper means that a pipe will be marked with your name, the name of a loved one or the commemoration of a special event. Your generosity will also be recognised on a plaque in the Abbey.

If you donate £50, £100 or £200, your donation will be recognised on one of the non-visible pipes which vary in size depending on your level of support. For £500 you will be able to secure one of the visible pipes at the front.

After you submit the form below, someone from the Abbey will be in contact to arrange for payment and to give you more details about the process of Adopting A Pipe. Closer to the date of installation, we will again be in contact to confirm the dedication you wish placed on your pipe.

We really appreciate your pledge to make a donation. Someone will be in contact with you shortly.
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Looking for a way to donate online?
Don't worry, we're currently putting in place the necessary pieces to allow you to do so... so please check back soon.